We would be honored to host your next golf tournament or outing. We offer extremely competitive rates for all such events and a variety of options to meet your needs. If you are interested, please read the information below and call or email us for more information and to reserve your date.

Available Dates

Depending on the size and format of your event, we can accommodate a variety of times and dates. Visit our TEE TIME BOOKINGS on the home page to get an idea of what dates may already be taken. Please contact us if you are looking for something outside of these time slots and we may still be able to accommodate.

Format of Play

  • Shot Gun
  • Scramble (Best Ball)

Time to Play

  • 18 holes are expected to play in less than 4 ½ hours.
  • 9 holes are expected to play in less than 2 ¼ hours.
  • “Scramble” formats are suggested for beginner golfers.
  • Approximately 7-8 foursomes can tee off per hour.

Number Golfers

Tournaments play as foursomes. Depending on the time and format of your event, we typically can accommodate the following party sizes:

  • Shot Gun- Min 72 golfers, Max 144 Golfers (Requires Cart Rentals for all golfers)
  • First Tee Time (Consecutive Start)- Min 24 golfers, No Max.


We are pleased to offer competitive pricing for all our events. In most cases, we do not charge any additional clubhouse fees or other administrative charges to host your next tournament or use our clubhouse facilities. Our competitive standard green fee and golf cart rates apply to your tournament package. View our standard rates HERE


We do not charge a deposit for most tournaments. We do however require a valid credit card be part of the reservation. Additionally, if you have a high volume of cart rentals and/or have arranged special meals, catering or other non-standard items, a deposit may be required.


We do not charge a clubhouse fee and will do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests. We will assist in setting up tables to meet your configuration needs.


We offer golf carts to our tournament groups. We are able to handle carts for up to 104 people (52 carts) at no additional cost over our standard rental rates. Additionally, for a nominal additional cost, we can accommodate up to 144 golfers with carts for larger groups. If more than 104 golfers are renting carts, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100 if you cancel your tournament with less than 7 days notice.

Competition Markers

“Longest Drive” and “Closest to the Pin” markers are available upon request. Common holes used for the Longest Drive competition are: #8 and #11. For the Closest to the Pin, #7 and #15 are available.

Golf Equipment Rental

We do NOT rent golf clubs or other golf equipment. All players must bring their own.

Outside Food & Beverage on Course

We do not allow outside food and/or beverages on the course. Coolers of alcoholic beverage are never permitted.


Tee sponsor signs must be provided to the course at least 24 hours in advance of the tournament unless other arrangements have been made. All signs must be free-standing, professional and appropriate. Signs must be removed at the end of the tournament. The course will not retain any signs left behind.


We offer sandwiches and grilled food from our clubhouse including breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will cook to order based on our standard offerings. For lunch/dinner, we may elect to set up a separate “tournament BBQ area” for all tournament players.

We offer several options:

  • Pre-paid packages- A predetermined amount (based on the package prices) is added to the cost of each golfer in the tournament. Each golfer then receives a food “voucher” for set menu (see package options). This is the suggested/encouraged option for larger groups. All golfers must purchase the selected food option when paying greens fees.
  • Golfers “pay as you go”- tournament members purchase food from our snack bar based on the standard offerings and are responsible to pay as they order. This is NOT suggested for large groups or shotgun tournaments as it will result in long delays.

If there are any “special requests” for particular foods not typically offered, please contact us with at least 7 days advance notice and we will do our best to accommodate and reasonably price your request.


In addition to the above standard menu options, we also allow you to arrange your own catering options from local outside caterers if you prefer to have a full meal. Please ensure to arrange setup, payment and pickup of catering supplies accordingly. We will not store left over catering equipment for more than 24 hours. If you wish to bring your own food for grilling or host a “pot luck” please contact us to discuss options.


Non-alcoholic beverages can be included in the pre-paid food packages or available on a “pay as you go” basis. Alcoholic beverages are available for “pay as you go” purchase only. If there are any “special requests” for particular beverages, please contact us with at least 7 days advance notice and we will do our best to accommodate and reasonably price your request.

Payments / Collections

A credit card is required to guarantee all charges and damages as part of the tournament.
Payments of green fees, food and/or cart rental will be collected on the day of the tournament.
Tournament coordinators can track and collect these fees from individual golfers and pay us in a ‘lump sum’ or golfers may individually pay us as they arrive. If you choose to collect fees, you will be provided with a tournament ticket book with enough tickets to cover expected golfers. You must return any unused tickets at the time of settlement.

Arrival Time

Golfers should plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the expected start time of the tournament.

Inclement Weather

Due to unforeseen inclement weather, the occasional “rain-out” is inevitable. Please make early telephone contact with the Course should there be stormy or uncooperative weather on the day of your event. The “General Rule” is that we do not close the course; however, should the course become deemed unplayable, we will try to reschedule on the next available date suitable to your agenda. In the event weather conditions deteriorate after your event has started, it may be necessary for the golf course to call all players off of the course. Our standard rain-refund policies will apply.

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